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Friday August 14 th , 2015
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Ananda Marga
River School
Spring Festival
It might not quite be spring but the Ananda Marga River School is host- ing its annual Spring Festival again, this Sunday the 16th of August, from 10am!
There is NO parking available at the school. However, there will be a shuttle bus between the Maleny Showgrounds and the school. The buses leave each 15 minutes from 9.45am.
The bus leaves Maleny Show- grounds and travels via Myrtle
St – Maple St – Cooke Park – Teak St – Tamarind St – Palm St – Bridge Creek Rd – River School so hail the bus enroute.
There is a full day of entertain- ment including music and dancing demonstrations, a giant slide, jump- ing castle, giant bubbles, mosaics and pony rides.
So why not join in the fun!
“ICE”it does happen
in our town
don’t close your mind and eyes to this problem
Love her or hate her, one has to be saddened by the news imparted on prime time television last week by Senator Jacqui Lambie that her 21 year old son is battling an ice addiction.
Ice or as it is sometimes known as crystal, crystal meth, meth is one of the most destructive drugs on the illicit market, in its physical effects, mental effects and behavioural effects. Ice is the purest form of methamphet- amine available in Australia. Generally it usually looks like colourless
to white crystals or a coarse crystal-like powder, but can be a number of other colours.
This is a major problem that is sweeping many Australian country towns and Maleny and District is not immune to this problem. It is not a week
passed since Queensland Police prevented 4.2 kgms from being sold on South East Queensland streets to vulnerable peo- ple. Just one of many.
A further drug laboratory was located in country town, Mirium Vale and had to be de-construct- ed by specialise police
because of the dangers it possessed, not only to those who would use the end product, but to neighbours during the cooking of the drug.
Unfortunately their is no easy or right answer as to how this problem should be handled, but for those families who are trying to come to grips with this growing epidemic it is important that we all do what we can to assist.
Not only is it important that everyone does their part to attempt to reduce the presence of this drug in our community, but to be on the lookout for family members who might be at risk.
Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should con- tact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or au 24hrs a day.
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