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Friday September 18th , 2015
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Conondale house lost in fire
School Holidays now upon us
School holidays are now here and there will be more youngsters around the streets so it is more important to be aware of their movements, especially around shopping centres.
The holiday period will continue until October 6th, 2015.
During this same time empty schools provide an opportunity for criminal activity, becoming targets for unlawful entry, arson, stealing, graffiti and property damage – all of which become a cost to the community.
That is your and my money paid through taxation that is being wasted in any criminal damage, so keep an eye on school buildings to assist with their security.
Any suspicious behaviour should be reported immediately to SchoolWatch on 131788.
A police spokesperson said that if you see anything suspicious, for your own safety don’t attempt to intervene.
Maleny Rural and Malen Auxiliary Fire Units were among eight appli- ance sent to a house fire on Kenil- woth Road, Conondale at about 9am on September 12th, 2015.
Twenty-seven fire officers attended the scene from Maleny , Kenilworth, Mooloolah, Conondale and Lands- borough. Fire units included two tankers because only limited water was available at the scene. Water was ferried from Conondale town- ship to the fire.
The two home occupants managed to escape the flames and were not injured in this fire.
Whilst the cause of the fire is still being investigated by police and fire investigators it is believed that there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the fire.
Both Photos Above The house was completely gutted by the time that fire crews arrived at the scene.
Maleny Rural Fire Brigade First Of- ficer Dan Sandeman said that much of the weatherboard house was well-alight and the structure col- lapsed prior to fire units arriving.
The fire developed rapidly and ac- cess to water was limited, we had to use a dam and two rural fire tanker appliances First Officer Sandeman continued to say.
He said that it was important that all homes have installed and well main- tained photoelectric smoke alarms as an early warning of fire.
They give home occupants early warning of a fire problem thus in- creases time occupants have to get out of the home safely.
Alarm batteries need to be checked regularly. April 1st each year is well-known as being one constant date that all smoke alarms have a fresh set of batteries installed and general maintenance and cleaning completed.
Families should not only have a fire escape plan, but each member of the family irrespective of age knows what that plan is and what their part of the plan includes.
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