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The sign on the top gives it away so this month we want to know a bit about the original bowls club building.

  • Where it was?
  • When was it there?
  • Any other information that we can find out.

This information came from Peter Mumford of Country Homes Maleny.
Peter  has  lived  at  Maleny  all  his  life  and  can  remember "the  old  days".

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Lawn Bowls was first played in Maleny in the mid 1930's on a private rink on the town side of the Maleny Hotel.   The hotel and the 2 bowls rinks were owned by the Burnett Family.   On the 3rd August, 1937 a public meeting was held in the Maleny School of Arts to discuss the possibility of forming a Bowling Club in Maleny.

From this meeting a committee was formed to investigate suitable sites for such a club.   Members on this committee were, W.H.R. Burnett, A.M.  Hunt, E. Webster, A.W. Thomerson and R.J. Lindsay.

Also at this meeting 16 locals became prospective members.

It was not until the next meeting on the 26th February, 1938 that it was agreed to officially form the Maleny Bowling Club.   The first yearly membership fee was one guinea and daily green fee was one shilling.

The site chosen was on the Landsborough side of the Maleny hotel and the first Bowls Club, known as "Maleny Bowling Club" had only 4 rinks.   These rinks were constructed at a cost of five hundred and twenty pounds,  ninteen shillings and nine pence.   Don't forget the nine pence.   The land was leased from Mr. W.H.R. Burnett for thirty-five pounds a year.   This yearly amount was waived by Mr. Burnett.

Some 18 months later on Saturday November 19th, 1938 the Club  was officially opened by Mr. Colin Campbell, President of the Queensland Bowls Association.   The clib was originally affilliated with the Wide Bay Bowls Association but shifted to the Maroochydore Bowls Association from 1939.

The first cloub house was built by Mr. Mr. C. Skerman and H. Perrett in 1939.   It was originally built in the area where the flag poles are now situated.   In 1946 the club house was shifted across to the present site and reopened on the 27th January, 1946 by Colonel F.N.G. Annand, then president of Queensland Bowls Association.

In 1947 the extra rinks were added.   They were officially opened on November 18th, 1947 by Mr. Don Brownlie, President of the Maroochydore District Bowls Association.

From there the rest is history and the list of early members coincides with the founding families of the Maleny District.   In this regard it is well worth the look at the various memorial and membership boards that are on display in the Maleny Clubhouse.

Now back to the memories of Peter Mumford who supplied most of the original material in this article.

"My father Cliff Mumford plowed up the "old green" preparing it for a "brand new green" using a single horse drawn mouldboard plough in the early 1950's.   Dad tore the cartlidge in his left knee while doing it and had to go "all the way to Brisbane" for cartilage surgery.   I wasn't all bad, as thereafter he became an expert weather predictor with his knee “acting up” at the first sign of rain, although his uncanny way of predicting it, may have had something to do with his success.    If you asked him what the weather was going to do he had two replies.   If his knee was really aching it was “bucket down” and if it was mild it was “fine with showers” where-upon if it “bucketed down” he replied, “those showers were heavy weren’t they”.   He had all the angles covered.

I remember vividly after starting at the "new" schools opening year at it's present location in 1959 in Grade 2 (Started grade I at the "old school" where the Guide hut now is where we kids sometimes rode our dairy cow "daisy" to school).     Dad was working at the "new green" by then and it was with great pride after school we kids used to sit outside it waiting for him to "knock off".   The "Royal Anteviluvian Order of Buffaloes" used the clubhouse for meetings then and Dad would serve the members straight from the keg placed on the bartop and bottle what was left.

I think perhaps it had been extended by then as I seem to rembember it being slightly bigger than your photo and located at the right hand end of the green at rear.     It was one of his jobs to put up and take down the "sun awning" (similar to one shown in your photo) which was a tarp used to shade the "chairs for club patrons" outside in fine weather.

It probably seems strange now but back then everyone was very proud of their clubhouse."

Photo above:  Social day on the Maleny Green.

Photo right .  Social group enjoying the club facilities


Photo above:  Social day 2005 at Maleny Bowls Club

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