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Does it appear that the Maleny RSL has taken a stand on the suggestion that there is a new supermarket going in across the road on the old Boxsell Saleyard site as they have installed their own "appeal tool" in their front yard.


Or is it that Maleny has gone defense cautious and this gun is to be used in conjunction with the mysterious secret submarine at the intersection of Flesser Land and Reesville Road 
(See other article in this section).

I am sure that the Caloundra City Council is not so determined that they would not take notice of the new armament.

But then it might be to keep intruders out of the RSL hall on a Friday afternoon when there is a secret men's business meeting starting at about 5p.m. being held.  You just can't believe the trouble some old "diggers" go to to get a bit of peace and quiet on a Friday afternoon.

Maybe we should all go down there each Friday and see what is happening ........

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