Maleny Volunteer Group

In Queensland the use of fire is controlled through the volunteer Fire Warden network. There are approximately 2,500 Fire Wardens throughout the State, providing this important community service.

A Fire Warden is a voluntary officer responsible for safe rural fire management within the community.  Fire Wardens control the use of fire through the issue of Permits to Light Fire.

 Duties of Fire Wardens:

Dictate the conditions under which the permittee can light the fire. (In this way, the Fire Warden performs a public safety role for the community.)

Undertake a community awareness role, by advising owners and occupiers of the need for hazard reduction, recommending safety precautions for the protection of homes and assets and talking to members of the public regarding the fire history of the district.

Control the use of fire in their designated area.

Can grant or reject a Permit to Light Fire.

May place appropriate conditions on a Permit to Light Fire.

May exercise considerable powers authorised under the Fire and Rescue Service Act 1990.

Fire wardens for the Maleny Rural Fire area are:-

Locality Warden Contact Number
Maleny Town & Rural Area
T.  Malone
042 812 3302 
Conondale  North
M.  Grundon
07 5494 4597
Conondale  Central
P.  Pammett
07 5494 4562
Conondale  South
R.  Green
07 5494 4524
Crystal  Waters
P.  Smith
07 5494 4604
T.  Neucom
07 5494 1276
J.  Taylor
07 5478 5478
Obi Obi
J.  Cutmore
07 5446 9153
B.  Page
07 5494 9557

In an emergency  ring  000