Some questions to ask a tradesperson
when obtaining a quote.

Most disputes over "alleged" unfinished work results from a lack of good communications between the home owner and the tradesperson and a lack of understanding about "what work is expected to be completed in the quoted job.

How do you find a good tradesperson?

#  Check the local newspaper.
#  Look around in your neighbourhood on a current or past job.
#  Referrals by friends and associates.
#  Referrals by the architect or other trusted tradespeople.

Checking on the Tradesperson's abilities

#  Ask for information on current project
#  Ask for information on completed projects
#  Ask for any addresses of projects
#  Ask for any references
#  Visit the completed or current jobs
#  Follow up with references
#  Create a short list of builders to price 3 up to 5


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Final Negotiations

#   Determine the preferred contractor
#   Are there any inclusions you want to add to the contracted work?
#   Are there any items you want removed from the contracted work?
#   Are the conditions of any necessary consent from the Council included in the contract?
#   Have you agreed on a schedule of rates for any future variations?
#   Have you obtained legal advice on the contract before signing?

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