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In our area during most times of the year moulding walls and ceilings can create problems for us.   Mould is a problem that is difficult to deal with but if you follow some easy rules it can be minimised, if not overcome.

What causes mould?

Mould is caused basically by three main causes.

1 - High humidity and poorly ventilated areas
2 - Moist areas due to structural fault
3- Ineffective treatment - infestation.

To correct these problems let us follow a few simple rules:-

Step 1:
To correct poorly ventilated rooms the installation of exhause fans is highly recommended.   All structural faults that contribute to moisture entry, for example cracked roof tiles should be repaired.

Step 2:
Treat all affected areas with a solution of ONE part household bleach and THREE parts warm soapy water (washing water).   Apply with a sponge or soft cloth.   Allow to remain on the surface for about 30 mninutes after which mould should be killed and decolourised.   If the mould remains then repeat the treatment.    Some mould spots may be well entrenched needing a second repeat.   After about 30 minutes wash with a clean cloth and clean water and alow to dry completely.

Step 3:
If the existing surface is in good condition apply 1 or 2 coates of mould resistant paint.
It is possible to use a mould resistant additive to paint to help keep mould at bay.

REMEMBER that this additive is an assistant - not an absolute mould killer.
Mould is a good warning that some other problem is evident.   In most cases it grows through the paint which means that it was not killed prior to the previous coat of paint being applied.

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