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Why should I use
a better quality paint?

Why should you as a D.I.Y. person spend a little more for a better quality paint.  It is a fact that all paint companies make a number of quality levels of paint to cater for all users.

If you are going to take the effort to repaint your home is it worth saving a few dollars by buying paint that will cost you a few dollars less.

There is a basic reason why some paint is cheaper than other paint.   That relates to the ingredients that go into it.  Better quality paint offers a better stain resistance than a cheaper paint.   Paint needs to be able to stand up to children’s grimy hands and occasional spills ……all quite normal wear and tear in a busy home.

Stain resistance is the ability of paint to avoid retaining the dirt and stains that may get on it during normal use.

A related property of paint is stain removal, the ease with which stains, dirt or grime can be removed from the painted surface.

Both of these properties are related to the toughness and porosity of paint film, which depends on the type and level of the binder used.

In this regard, higher quality interior low sheen wall paints offer good performance in terms of stain resistance because they contain more binder than flatter or budget priced paints.

Generally, the higher the binder content, the harder it is for stains to penetrate the surface of paint.

Top quality 100 percent acrylic paints are resistant to household cleaners, so the paint lasts longer, even after the stains have been removed.

The sheen level or gloss of paint also has an effect on stain resistance and stain removal.  The higher the gloss or sheen level the more durable the paint is to cleaning and stain resistance.
A quick look at gloss levels:
High Gloss is the most stain resistant of paint levels but is highly reflective and highlights surface imperfections.  It is normally used for trims.

Satin Finish
has good stain resistance and cleans easily.  It is normally used for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Low Sheen
has a better stain resistance than flat paints and is ideal for living areas.

Flat paint
has a porous finish that can trap dirt particles and makes cleaning more difficult. It is normally used for ceilings.


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