NuTech Agreseal - Concrete Sealer

Wet look sealer for aggregate
and concrete surfaces
Hardwearing clear sealer that provides
a wet look finish for exposed aggregate

Agreseal™ concrete sealer utilises advanced technology developed by Nutech over nearly 40 years. Agreseal™ is a ready to use clear glaze specifically formulated to seal and protect decorative exposed aggregate concrete surfaces and to improve concrete surface performance and appearance. Agreseal™ provides an attractive finish for new and old exposed aggregate surfaces. It also provides excellent protection against fading and powdering of oxide colours, staining and marking due to contaminants including foodstuffs, oil and grease.
Agreseal is a deep penetrating, solvent-based acrylic sealer that provides a glossy wet look to the aggregate. Agreseal is recommended as a two-coat system which will provide a durable surface, ideal for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic.
Agreseal repels water and enhances aggregate and concrete colour, whilst protecting the surface against most stains such as grease and oil.

Agreseal™ can also be used as a decorative and protective coating system on a wide range of concrete paving and building applications excluding clay and terra cotta bricks and tiles.Agreseal

It is applied at a rate of two coats @ 3-5 square metres per litre per coat.