Norglass Liquid Glass

Make a Decorative River Table
With Norglass Liquid Glass

Have you ever pictured a gorgeous river wood table in your living room? What a great attention getting one would make. Whilst this is a multi-day process at the end of the day the result will be a high gloss and UV resistant custom table - well worth the time and effort to make yourself a masterpiece that everyone will admire.


It all starts with a piece of reclaimed timber such as cedar or whatever else takes your fantasy and is a suitable length. Cut the time in half lengthways to create two pieces which are an even thickness. Use a belt sander to clear all dirt and imperfections such as bark from both pieces.
On a suitable flat surface build a container, or mold, to house the tabletop while the liquid resin dries. Start by cutting a piece of melamine to the desired dimensions of the table top. Using additional pieces of melamine, cut walls for the mold which will be tall enough to house the panels of reclaimed cedar, and any minor overflow of resin.
Place the two pieces of timber into the mould with the straight edges to the outside, leaving a gap in the middle of the pieces to make the river of epoxy.
To prepare and pour Norglass Liquid Glass sit with a coffee and have a good look at the detailed video mentioned below. Even watching a couple of sessions of the video whilst having a cup of coffee will make the job easier.

You can watch a detailed video of just how to complete this project on this link:

Just think about the pleasure this project will give you. Norglass Liquid Glass is available from Maleny Paint Supplies.