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Colour is truly a magical property.   It can transform an environment, create a style, set a mood and alter perceptions.   The choice of colour is personal, an expression of our individuality and can evoke both positive and negative feelings.

Like gloss level, the colour paint you choose to use will also show surface defects to varying degrees.   Darker colours accentuate surface imperfections, while lighter colours soften the effects of any surface irregularities by absorbing less light.

This doesn't mean you can't use gloss paints and dark colours inside... however if you wish to use either you will need to take extra care to ensure wall surfaces are smooth and well prepared to minimise the appearance of surface imperfections.   We recommend using Primer Sealer Undercoat Surface Prep over new paperfaced plasterboard to provide a smooth surface ready for painting.   If you plan to use dark colours, we recommend you use a flat or low sheen paint.   If you would like a gloss finish, we recommend using a light colour to minimise the appearance of surface defects.

Special paint effects can be used to hide minor surface defects: however they cannot be expected to disguise major irregularities.

Paint awkward shapes the same colour as the rest of the room.   This will help them to blend in.

When planning a colour scheme, consider the adjacent rooms and the environment surrounding your home.   If you have already selected other room furnishings, consider their colours and look when you choose the paint colour.  You may even wish to follow the fabric pattern to balance the colour palette for the room.   There should be some relationship between them and the newly decorated room to provide continuity.    If an important feature of your home is a sea view or landscape panorama you may like to bring the colours you see outside into your home's colour scheme to provide a natural link between the two.   If you want to highlight the view, choose a lighter colour palette.    If you want to distance the view make your interior colour scheme more contrasting against the exterior.

As stated earlier choosing colour is a personal thing.

We at Paint Place, Maleny wish that you get the most out of your new colour scheme and are able to assist with a colour consultation at your home

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  • You will be given a written report concerning the colours so that you have a reference in the future of the colours used.
  • You will be advised of the approximate quantity of colours needed for the job.
  • You will also be given some written handy hints to help with preparation.

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