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Mr. Peter Slipper
Federal Member for Fisher, Federal Government.

Could you answer a few questions in respect to the sale of
Australian Government assets?

(Sent  23.12.05)

We would be appreciative if you could provide some information about the further sale of Australian Assets.

I recently read that the Australian Federal Government and the New South Wales Governments intend to sell their share of the Snowy River Scheme.

Could you answer the following questions?1 What has prompted the sale of this iconic Australian Project?

2 What type of company would be interested in buying it and why would they want to buy it?

3 Is the project going to remain in Australian Owned hands and how is this going to be guaranteed if so?

4 What other Australian Government assets are being looked at to sell and what timetable is being looked at?

5 What other Australian Government assets are available to be sold?

6 Why is the Federal Australian Government hell bent on selling every asset that the people of Australia built up over the past 200 years.

7 What benefits have the people of Australia gained for the long term good of Australia as distinct from the very short term good?

8 With the share price of Telstra so low and still dropping at this time is it still intended to go ahead with the sale of Telstra?

9 Whilst on the subject of Telstra can it be explained as to how when the previous C..E.O. Of Telstra left Telstra was described as a world class telecommunications organisation with state of the art networks and hardware but on the arrival of the new C.E.O. It was described as “run down” and “outdated needing the injection of a lot of capitol to bring it back to reasonable condition.

10 What bonuses were paid to the outgoing CEO of Telstra on leaving that were based on the standard of the asset and who decided on that standard?

Mr. Peter Slipper
Federal Member for Fisher

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