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Questions to

Cr. Dick Newman  -  Caloundra City Council

(sent  21.06.05)

Could you give me some information in relation to expansion of the
Caloundra City Council Chambers.

When the building was completed how long was it suppose to be adequate for the needs of the Council?

Where have the growth figures in council employment grown?

Has the number of "outside" workers grown at the same rate as the "administration" staff?

What are the predictions in the next 10 years for staff expansion?

Has the council taken these predictions into account as far as needs for further accommodation during that time?

Of the council budget has there been a breakdown of where it is spent in respect to administration, specific projects, long term planning etc.

Has there ever been a review of administrative task been completed to see if there is a more efficient way to do some of the tasks that the council presently undertakes in an effort to improve administrative efficiency?

What are the council's thoughts in respect to the continuing increase in costs passed to the ratepayers as a result of the apparent increasing administrative tasks and how might those tasks be better handled?

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