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Questions to

Cr. Dick Newman  -  Caloundra City Council

(sent 27.09.05)

I have been thinking about the Caloundra Council voting on the need
to close the Caloundra Airport.

Could you answer a few questions in respect to this matter?

(1)    When was a decision made that it should consider that the Caloundra Airport should be closed?

(2)    How did that come about and who made a decision that this matter should be considered?

(3)    Was a body outside of Caloundra Council responsible for this matter being put onto a Caloundra Council Agenda?

(4)    Does the Caloundra Council own the land outright or is it held in trust for another body.

(5)    How important is this facility in respect to the amount of employment created in our city?

(6)    What consideration does the Council propose to assist not only businesses but employees displaced?

(7)    Is there any pressure from outside Caloundra Council pushing this matter?

(8)    Why does the Caloundra Airport actually NEED to be closed when it is one of the busiest airports in Australia in respect to takeoffs/ landings?

(9)    How important is this facility in respect to tourist activities in our city?

(10)   Has a consideration been made to Caloundra Council by an outside body if the airport is closed?

(11)   Does the Caloundra Council intend to relocate the airport should the present one be closed

(12)   If so where?


NOTE:  -  25.11.2006:   Back on the 27th September 2005 a number of questions, as listed above were sent to local Caloundra City Councillor, Cr Dick Newman about the proposed closure of the Caloundra City Airport.

To this day, over 12 months NOTHING has been heard from the Councillor. The answer to a number of those questions could show a distinct change of direction in the use of the present airport should it be re-located.

Has the Caloundra City Council made some decisions that effect the hinterland area of the City that they are not desirious of communicating to the public at this time as those decisions could have far reaching effects on the hinterland area?

What can be deducted from this lack of information?

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