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Questions to

Cr. Dick Newman  -  Caloundra City Council

(sent 05.11.07)

Following conversations with several property developers in Caloundra City, mainly Maleny but not exclusively concerns have been raised about the bureaucracy that has apparently developed within the Caloundra City Council administration.   One developer is quoted as saying,  "Caloundra City Council administration is drunk with power and inflexible."

From these conversations a number of questions are posed to you, especially in respect to Maleny in respect to the Caloundra City Council administration.

Q1:   Do you think that these comments are justified?

Q2:    In the last 5 years has the administration staff numbers of Caloundra City Council risen?

Q3:   If so has the proportion of Caloundra Council administration staff risen in proportion to the increased population in Caloundra City Council?

Q4:   Has the duties of the Caloundra City Council administration staff changed in respect to town planning and approval - (ie have some of those duties been privatised thus alleviating council staff from doing them?

Q5:   What plans are in train for increased (1) industrial area and (2) commercial & business areas for the Maleny town area?

Q6:   If so, where are these areas and when will they be available for development?

Q7:   What is the time  line for development applications submitted to the Caloundra City Council for (1) commercial & industrial projects and  (2) residential subdivisions and (3) residential housing projects?

Q8:   How do application fees charged by the Caloundra City Council compare with other council fees?

Q9:   Are those fees adding exceedingly to the cost of home and commercial building costs?

Q10:   Are there any actions that can be taken by the Caloundra City Council to assist with making home costs more economical?

Q11:  What do you see as the future development of the immediate Maleny township area and in what time line?

Q12:  What action can the Caloundra City Council take to keep the cost of rates from rising above the level of the cost of living increase?

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