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Cr. Dick Newman  -  Caloundra City Council

(sent  01.08.06)

Pool site investigation ranks precinct fifth. 

Cr Dick Newman recently instigated a report to find the best location for a new community swimming pool in Maleny.   The technical report suggests the pool would be best located at the Maleny Showgrounds.  The report also considers the Maleny High School could be a suitable site.   But it rates the proposed Maleny Community Precinct second last of six possible sites.  The report has been criticised by some who feel there was no consultation from key stakeholders and the basis of the report was based on the thoughts of a few.   The following questions were put to Cr Newman.

Q. How much did the report cost?  A: It was $1254 inc GST.

Q. Who was consulted in the report?

A. There has been widespread consultation on a pool which gave us some locations to consider.   On this report, only internal consultation has occurred so far.   It is a chicken and egg thing, do you ask Council to consider a report then consult, or consult and then ask Council to consider it? Either way gets criticised.

Q. Wouldn’t the pool be a jewel in the crown of the precinct land and thus better off there?

A. The initial study informed us that pretty much any location in town will work. There are advantages and disadvantages to all sites.   The precinct land is currently difficult to access.    If something else were to happen there, that made a pool attractive, we could ditch this process and change.    But if we are to attract State funding for a pool, we cannot afford to stop this process.

Q. What’s the next step for Council regarding a new pool for Maleny?

A. Staff will brief Council on next steps, but most likely it will be to get this report out to broad community consultation.

Q. How soon could a new pool become a reality?

A. 2009 would be my earliest guess.   There is a long road ahead to get a pool.

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