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Mr. Peter Wellington M.P.

State Member for Nicklin

(sent 07.02.07)

Could you answer a few questions in respect to the recent
Parliamentary Chamber behaviour

The questions relate to the behaviour of politicians in Parliament:.

1:    How important is the perceived behaviour of members when in the Parliament Chamber?

2:   Is the Chamber supposed to be a place of dignity?

3:   Are politicians there to represent the people of the electorate or their political party masters?

4:   Do you believe that behaviour could be improved by having an independent speaker as is the case in

5:   What is the most important in debate – scoring political points or eliciting factual information?

6:   What do you think of the very recent behaviour in the Parliamentary Chamber?

7:   Are changes necessary necessary to regulate parliamentary behaviour

8:   Do you believe that the presence of television cameras have any effect on Chamber behaviour?

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