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Questions to

Ms Carolyn Male
Member for Glasshouse, Queensland Government.

(sent 18.08.08)

Could you answer a few questions in respect to the upgrade to the
rail network to the Snshine Coast?

1:   Is there a timetable for the project to duplicate the rail line from Caboolture to Beerburrum?    When this section is completed what are the intentions about extending or not the Brisbane suburban rail timetable to Beerburrum?

The Caboolture to Beerburrum rail upgrade will be completed in early 2009.   The project includes two new tracks between Caboolture and Beerburrum and two upgraded stations.

TransLink plans to provide extra rail services between Caboolture and Beerburrum as passenger demand increases in the future.

2:  At what stage is the planning to continue that project on from Beerburrum onto Landsborough and then further onto Nambour?

The Caboolture to Beerburrum section is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in early 2009. 

The section from Beerburrum to Landsborough is shown in the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program to be completed by 2018/19 and the section from Landsborough to Nambour through 2025/26.

3:  Having a look at the new Beerburrum Rail Station building it appears to be much larger and provide more facilities than the recently refurbished Beerwah and Landsborough Railway Stations.   Is there a reason for this?

Are there forward plans for the Beerburrum Station that would require the extra facilities?
Both Beerburrum and Elimbah stations are being upgraded as part of the South East Queensland Infrastructure Plan (SEQIP) 2008-2026 to provide better passenger access, including lifts, car parking and a footbridge.

This forms part of the Queensland Government’s commitment to plan for the expected future passenger growth.

4:  On the Queensland Rail web site there is a mention to a spur line to the coastal areas.   Where is it expected that this spur will leave the main line to travel to the coast?

The Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study (CAMCOS) was completed by Queensland Transport in 2001 and resulted in the Queensland Government protecting an alignment for a future rail line through to Caloundra and Maroochydore.    The proposed alignment leaves the North Coast rail line north of the Beerwah Station.   The executive summary of the study, which details the route, is available on the Queensland Transport website: (go to Projects and Initiatives > Projects > Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study).

5:  With the recent concerns about the environment and the increasing costs of fuel has there been extra thoughts towards making public transport generally a more favourable option in respect to peoples commuting into Brisbane Central for work?

The Queensland Government encourages people to catch public transport instead of driving their cars whenever they can.   As fuel prices and parking costs gradually increase, there are greater incentives for people to catch public transport.   Using public transport is also more environmentally friendly and helps alleviate traffic congestion.

The TransLink Transit Authority and its operators work to continually improve public transport services. Since TransLink formed in July 2004, its estimated patronage across the network has jumped about 37 per cent to almost 170 million passenger journeys annually. 

The completion of major infrastructure projects, the roll-out of more trains and buses and the integration of ticketing services across the TransLink network are among some of the achievements helping to drive this huge patronage growth.

Public transport services are boosted as more infrastructure projects are built across the network and more trains and buses are rolled out. 

6:  Have all the problems with the recently introduced ticketing system been rectified and can those who use public transport use this system with both confidence and without a financial penalty because of differing section pricing on tickets?

Sunshine Coast commuters are amongst the biggest winners since the new go card fares kicked in on Monday, August 4.

The new fares have been designed to make go card more attractive for long distance rail commuters. 

Under the new go card fares, discounts progressively increase the more zones you travel though.

For example commuters heading to Brisbane's CBD from Landsborough, Mooloolah and Nambour receive a 35% discount if they travel using go card.    Further down the line passengers from Beerwah receive a 30% discount and passengers from the Glasshouse Mountains receive a 25% discount on trips to the city.

These discounts bring go card fares into line with the discounts offered on paper tickets, but with the added flexibility and convenience offered by go card.   For example, go card discounts are offered on every single journey no matter how frequently you travel.

The go card also has a range of options available for topping up value including on the internet, over the phone and via fare machines at train stations.

Unlike paper tickets, you can also protect the balance of your go card by registering the card.

The go card can be purchased online at, by phoning 13 12 30 or from the numerous train stations and retailers.

Fares from the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane under go card from August 4:


Single paper ticket

Single go card journey











Glasshouse Mountains












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