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Mr. Peter Slipper
Federal Member for Fisher, Federal Government.

Could you answer a few questions in respect to specific benefits you have gained
for the hinterland area of the Fisher electorate during this period of representation?

(Sent  14.09.07)

Q. With a Federal Election quickly coming upon us could you please advise what benefits that you specifically gained for residents of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland during this past period and how those benefits help the average resident of the area?


A. The single most important achievement of the Australian Government for the people of the Hinterland has been the maintaining of a strong economy, which benefits all Australians in almost every aspect of their lives.   The strong economy has helped to bring about the record low unemployment we current enjoy, good wages growth in real terms, reductions in income tax, and has helped keep mortgage rates lower than at any time under the previous Labor Government.    It has also ensured that ongoing initiatives such as Australia’s strong welfare system continue to bring support to shoes in the community that need it most.


While this list is not exhaustive, specific funds for the Hinterland that I have assisted to achieve include:

In March 2006, I announced funds from the “Community Water Grants” programme for the following Hinterland groups:


In May 2006, grants were allocated from the “Investing in Our Schools Programme” to assist local educational institutions:


In July 2006, I announced $1500 in funding from the “Healthy School Communities Programme” to each of the following Hinterland schools:


In August 2006, I was pleased to announce that the Maleny RSL sub-branch received $1400 from the “Saluting Their Service” programme for a memorial service and dinner for the 40th anniversary commemoration of Battle of Long Tan. 


In October 2006, four local projects received funding from the Australian Government’s “Envirofund”. These are:


In Novermber 2006, I announced “Volunteer Small Equipment Grants” that assist local community groups for the following:


In December 2006, I announced funds from the “Investing in Our Schools Programme” to the following local schools:



In December 2006, “Community Water Grants” were announced for several local organisations, including:


In March 207, funds were announced by me from the “Volunteer Small Equipment Grants” programme for the following Hinterland groups: 


In July 2007, I was pleased to announce funding for Hinterland schools from Round 1 of the “National School Chaplaincy Programme” to the following:


In August 2007, I announced funds locally from the “Volunteer Small Equipment Grant” programme for the following community groups:


In August 2007, the Australian Government distributed funding locally in the “Investing in Our Schools Programme” to:


In September 2007, funds were allocated to several businesses in Fisher from the “Export Market Development Grants” programme over the past year, including:


Earlier this month, I announced funds from the Australian Government “Envirofund” for the Mary Cairncross Association, Maleny: $4136.36 to host 10 biodiversity education workshops.


Also, the Maleny Film Society will receive a grant of $8400 from the Festivals Australia Regional Residencies programme to support the production of several local historical films that will be entered in the 2009 Australian Film Festival.


EnviroHomes, of Maleny, will receive $64,000 from the Commercial Ready and Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) programme to develop computer software that helps correlate environmentally-friendly elements into house design and also develop an air conditioning system that can both heat and cool using minimal amounts of energy.


In addition, a number of Australian Government funding announcements for the region will also assist Hinterland residents.


These include funding from the “Home and Community Care programme”, which assists the frail and elderly to remain in their homes longer in comfortable surroundings, rather than move into aged care facilities; some $40m in funding for the University of the Sunshine Coast which assists students from the entire region including the Hinterland to gain a tertiary education locally – this includes a massive increase of 243 extra student numbers for 2007 and an additional increase to 643 places by 2010; black spot funding and roads to recovery funds in various locations in Fisher to improve local roads and make them safer for all motorists; numerous local Work for the Dole projects; and more.


In addition, programmes such as ScSCILS have established three initiatives to guide and support youth to make a successful transition from senior schooling to further education, training or work; and the booklet “Sunshine Coast Safelink”, which was funded by the Australian Government, helps to advise security and recreation facilities for local seniors.


The well-supported initiative, the “Do Not Call” register, is another practical programme that helps Hinterland residents to maintain privacy in their own homes.

Q. Are there any specific projects that you still have in mind for the same residents that would be gained should you be re-elected for another period?


A. I will continue to work alongside local organisations and the Caloundra City Council to push for funding for those Hinterland projects that are a priority for the local community.


I have given strong support to projects such as the Maleny Community Centre refurbishment and I am also currently lobbying for funds for a viewing platform for the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve, Maleny, to provide views to the National Heritage Landscape listed Glasshouse Mountains, a project valued at some $600,000.


I hope to also secure further funding to improve the Bruce Highway, between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.


In order to achieve positive outcomes for local projects, it is important that strong relationship is maintained between community groups, Caloundra Council and me as your local Federal Member for Fisher.    This is an effective and practical measure that has been successful in getting good results in the past and one I will continue to adhere to.

Mr. Peter Slipper
Federal Member for Fisher

Maroochydore Office:

Location:  The Dolphin Centre
118 Aerodrome Road
Maroochydore BC Qld 4558
Phone  07 5443 3555.
Fax: (07) 5443 7270.

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