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Questions to

Ms Carolyn Male
Member for Glasshouse, Queensland Government.

(sent 08.08.06)

Could you answer a few questions in respect to the recent decision
by the Queensland Parliament construct a dam on the Mary River
at Traveston Crossing to supply water to S..E. Queensland?

1: For how long has the construction of the Traveston Crossing Dam been under serious consideration by your Government.

2: When was the absolute decision made and what caused that decision to be made at that time?

3: Was the site of this dam the first choice of the appropriate experts?

4: What other dam locations have been considered in respect to THIS project?

5: Have any other dam locations in THIS general area been seriously considered?

6: Has serious consideration been given to building a number of smaller dams in the general area been considered?

7: Has serious consideration been given to the environmental situation being caused by this dam?

8: Have calculations been made as to the amount of evaporation that will take place and what do those calculations show in respect to the average holding capacity of the dam?

9: Has this location been chosen primarily because of the political background of this electorate?

10: Is this dam the only solution to the enormous and serious problem of continuing water supply to South East Queensland?

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