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Questions to

Mr. Peter Wellington M.P.

State Member for Nicklin

The following queswtions were sent to Mr. Wellington and the corresponding answers were received. 

Q.    What is your attitude to "Fixed term Elections" on a set day each 4 years instead of the present situation

A.    I support fixed terms of Parliament.   I believe Queenslanders should have the right to decide whether it is a 3 year or 4 year term.

Q.    What is the attitude of the various political parties in respect to this matter?

A.    No reply to this question.

Q.    Is it a matter that the Parliament may consider in this or the next electoral period.

A.    I am not aware of any moves to change the current system.

Q.    As an independent would fixed 4 year terms benefit your position or that of any independent member?

A.    No reply to this question.

The questions come about as a result of the "perceived perception" that many of the decisions that the governing party (all) make decisions in respect to political climate instead of the community good.

... To contact Mr. Peter Wellington.  MP - State Member for Nicklin his contact details are:

Peter Wellington MP
Member for Nicklin
PO Box 265 Nambour 4560
Ph 54416933 Fax 54416255

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