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Scientists provide explanation for
Glasshouse crop circle mystery
by Brigitte Schlifelner

The crop circles which appeared in Glasshouse last week have disappeared just as mysteriously as they arrived.  “The plants are all standing back up again,” said farmer Kel Gowen, who made the extraordinary discovery last Thursday morning.

Scientist Bill Chalker from the Australian UFO Research Network in Sydney visited the site with a team of researchers on the weekend.

“Bill is recognised as one of the most respected researchers in Australia,” said colleague Diane Harrison.  “We conducted tests on sample plants taken from the area and found three contributing factors which we believe have solved the mystery.”  Technically the crop circles have been put down to an event termed ‘lodging’, where a combination of plant growth characteristics and weather can cause this exact occurrence.

“It was quite an experience said Kel and to be honest I am glad it is over.   We lost quite a few days of work in all the excitement. We were inundated with media and people who were all curious to view the circles.”   “I didn’t want to turn people away and although we were criticised for charging people a couple of dollars for our time to show the circles, they were happy to pay.   Most people understand that time is money here on the farm and could see the inconvenience it was causing.”

Farmhand Noel Brady says he has seen the scientist’s report and although it has made him sleep a little easier, he still has the vivid memory of zapping noises and brilliant green flashes that accompanied the appearance of the 20-plus circles, flattened into the sorghum field next door to his residence.  The event has still left many people scratching their heads and again pondering the big question – are we really alone?

“It has been a good exercise for us all and it is always satisfying for everyone to solve such a mystery,” said Ms Harrison.  “We encourage people to get down to the facts and we thank Kel and his wife for their assistance and hospitality in getting to the bottom of this matter.”

The Australian UFO Research Network can be contacted on their freecall number on 1800 772288.

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.