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Biolytix wins on ABC's
The New Inventors

by Cameron Outridge

Biolytix Waste Treatment was so delighted to be selected to be on the show they almost forgot it was a competition.  And then they came home with the trophy.

Over the last 11 years over 15 people from the Sunshine Coast have been involved with the development of the innovative Biolytix, creating a breakthrough in waste treatment that could be used internationally.  America is already investigating importing the concept and producing it there.

The reason the Biolytix stood out from the other inventions is because it cleverly uses nature to create a miracle to turn sewage and food scraps into clean irrigation water.  While most treatment systems mechanically pump air into the sewage, at great expense and guzzling the energy, the Bioltyix uses a carefully structured bed with selected worms and other organisms to do the work, just like the rainforest floor.  So simple and so effective the secret behind most clever inventions.

This makes it a lot more compact and far more efficient. Rigorously tested to Australian Standards, it achieved the best results in the world for the most compact system.  The secret lies in the Biolytix patent.  It has the patent to use the breakdown of the waste as the medium to cleanse the wastewater.  This cleverly turns the problem (the waste) into the solution (into humus to clean the waste).

For more information about how the product works please see their detailed website: or ring 5435 2952.

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.