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Cornerstone pushes ahead
with site plans
by Cameron Outridge

Developers Cornerstone say it would cost Caloundra City Council millions of dollars in compensation to pay them and Woolworths out of the Maleny supermarket site.   Cornerstone Managing Director Andrew Harper said compensation could be millions of dollars for lost business and given the advanced state of planning for the project on the banks of Obi Obi Creek.

“Residents need to think about whether they believe the purchase of our site would be the best application of Council’s funds,” Mr Harper said.

Platypus Action Group spokesperson Jon Woodlands said his group was concerned that Cornerstone pushes ahead with site plans Andrew Harper at last December’s meeting with members of the Maleny community.   Cornerstone was pushing ahead with plans for the site despite Woolworths putting its plans for the site under review.

“Despite strong community sentiment in Maleny and despite the recent announcement by Roger Corbett, CEO of Woolworths Ltd, that all works be suspended pending a review, Cornerstone Properties have been pressuring council officers for permits to cut down trees on the proposed supermarket site,”   Mr Woodlands said.  “What are they up to?   They know full well the community is opposed to this.   May I remind them we have many people prepared to put their bodies on the line to save these trees and protect the community interest.   At the same time I acknowledge that Cornerstone are in a tenuous situation.

The site in question was never suitable for a supermarket or any large scale development.”   Mr Harper said as owner of the site, Cornerstone may choose to develop it, regardless of whether Woolworths wished to proceed as the tenant.

“We have a contract with Woolworths to build a supermarket, but we respect their decision to put planning on hold for now and explore all possibilities,” he said.  “Woolworth’s decision to review their preferred site has not removed the obligation on Cornerstone to prepare for commencement of development. “We have a Court approval to develop our land on a site that has been zoned business for many years.

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.