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Petition against Country
Club gathers momentum

by Simon Roper

Thousands of people have signed petitions against a new golf course and country club development in Montville. According to Cheryl Keith, a spokesperson for the Montville/Flaxton sub-committee of Blackall Range Land Use Planning Association this included 80-90 percent of local residents who have been approached with the current petition.  Ms Keith said reaction to the petitions against the proposed Links Montville Country Club had been overwhelmingly positive, and that they would be an invaluable tool in their struggle to block the development.

“The result of the petitions will be forwarded to Peter Wellington, to be presented in the final sittings of Parliament this year,” Ms Keith said.  “And certainly at this stage the community feeling represented in the petitions seems to indicate that 80-90 percent of those petitioned in the community are opposed to this development.”  She said the reason they instigated the petitions is that BRLUPA is not confident that Maroochy Shire Council is looking at the big picture in terms of development in the Montville area.

“We also feel that it’s important that the council and State Government be made aware of the very substantial degree of opposition to the Links development,” said Ms Keith.  “We have an information sheet called ‘Things you should consider’ circulating in the community including Montville, Mapleton, Flaxton, Dulong and Hunchy.  We thought that before people could be petitioned they needed to be adequately informed.”

Ms Keith added that BRLUPA hadn’t approached Maleny’s community because BRLUPA “doesn’t have the manpower and Maleny’s citizens are part of a different council”.  But she would certainly welcome their input, stating that this development had ramifications for the entire Blackall Range.

“The two things we are asking the legislative assembly to act upon in this petition is first to use their new call in powers of the Office of Urban Management to prevent this development from being approved by the Maroochy Shire Council.   Secondly for Montville and its surrounds to be protected from further development by including it as part of the green belt of regional landscape,” said Ms Keith.

She said the wording of the petition was actually done before the South East Queensland Regional Plan draft was released.

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.