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Residents worried about
dangerous road junction

by Cameron Outridge

Safety issues are matters of concern for some Maleny residents.  Resident Olive Hockings complained of inadequate guide-post placement at the junction of Burgess Avenue and Landsborough Road.   She said there was a need for a passing lane and possibly a guard rail on the corner.

“The difficulty of finding and making this turn safely in foggy and rainy weather, exacerbated by the dazzle of headlights at night, particularly if making a right-hand turn into Burgess Avenue has been explained,’’ she said.

“This busy junction also needs a passing lane for Landsborough bound traffic.  One has been provided at the McCarthy road junction and the speed limit has been reduced on the Maleny side of that.    Most people would say the Burgess Avenue turn-off is much more hazardous with its poor visibility at the crest of the hill.   Landsborough Road carries heavy traffic at 80km/h."

“There have been minor accidents and more serious near-misses.   Will the Department of Main Roads only act if there are several serious accidents?    There are approximately 45 residents in Burgess Avenue and several exit and enter this road two or more times each day.”.

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.