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Daniel's memory inspires
Glasshouse author

by Simon Roper

It was a year ago last Tuesday when Daniel Morecombe was abducted from the Nambour Connection Road and his memory remains prominent across the hinterland, inspiring a mother of five to pen a children’s booklet in his honour.

Gabriel Hart completed Ellie’s Angel, which features a guardian angel who teaches children how to live a safer life, earlier this year in just 20 minutes flat even though she is dyslexic.  Gabrielle said she was struck by “divine intervention” after agonising over what the family of little Daniel must be going through due to the loss of their son.

The booklet, which has been given the blessing of the Morecombe’s, was written after consultation with police experts, enabling Gabriel to fine-tune her message of caution to a child’s interpretation.  Now Gabriel is appealing for help to get the book officially published and for that to happen she needs artists to illustrate the pages and donations to cover the cost of production.

To that end a local printer has agreed to produce as many copies of the book as sponsorship allows at cost price.   That could mean that with enough cash Ellie’s Angel could be on school library shelves and stocked by news vendors across Australia.

Gabrielle is also looking to commission 12 artists to create the artwork for each of the book's pages.  “That way I hope to embody a flavor of the whole community into this publication,” said Gabrielle.  “Thanks to the media the book is getting lots of exposure which is both amazing and necessary.”

Currently Gabriel is collating responses from artists as far afield as Melbourne who are all keen to contribute to this project.  Now we’re supposed to be an artistic bunch up in the mountains…it would be great if a hinterland artist could help Gabriel in her cause.

If you want to offer artwork or funding, please contact Gabrielle on 0438 662 320.  All proceeds from the books’ sales will be donated to the Daniel Morecombe trust fund.

Garbriel Hart

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.