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Maleny Man developes
sewerage solution

by Cameron Outridge

They’ve been working away quietly next to the Maleny sewerage treatment plant for the past few years.  Now the Biolytix Research and Development team have developed a smallscale sewerage treatment technology that is seen as the most compact and efficient in the world.

“It sets a new benchmark for reliability and performance,’’ said inventor Dean Cameron.   At last week’s International Onsite Wastewater Technology Conference, Biolytix impressed a number of eminent industry leaders who work at the leading edge of global sewerage treatment trends.

Professor Ted Loudon, of Michigan State University, has spent 30 years in the water industry promoting better ways to deal with the age-old problem of human waste and wastewater.

“He was so captivated by Biolytix’’ said Dean. “He rearranged his travel plans to examine it more closely, with a view to helping introduce it into the huge US decentralized treatment market.’’
At a local level Dean says his award-winning Biolytix has the answer to the problem of failing septic systems. “Over 70 percent of septics fail, leaking sewerage and polluting waterways. They are one of the major pollutants in South East Queensland.”

But he says Biolytix is designed to turn a problem into a solution. “It can be installed to economically upgrade septics to Australian Standards and irrigation quality. No need to rip out the tank and start again, like some consultants are recommending.” It has been a lot of hard work to invent a technology this successful. The seeds of Biolytix were first planted many years ago.

“I couldn’t find any effective and reliable waste treatment system so I decided to invent my own.” Using nature as his guide, Dean studied things like the breakdown of cow manure and dead cows, as well as dynamic ecosystems on river edges. Twelve years and a lot of wriggling worms later, the Biolytix Filter has evolved.

“It also copies the magic of nature,” said Dean. “Using a structured ecosystem of worms and microorganisms to break down waste and to clean wastewater. No other treatment system has been able to unlock this secret key, and so most rely on energy-guzzling aeration systems that are far more vulnerable and prone to failure.”

This environmentally-sound technology has been used in South Africa in five star eco-resorts, game lodges and golf course estates. The major client there was so impressed with the technology the invested $3 million into further research. Perhaps Biolytix is the world’s major pollution solution.

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Ted Loundon of Michigan University, left, and inventor Dean Cameron
study a sample of sewerage that has been given the Biolytix treatment.
Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.