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Goals create the potential
of our life, says Geraldine

by Simon Roper

Hundreds of millions of people make New Years Resolutions every year.

Waiting till we are in the midst of champagne and celebrations to make life changing decisions is ludicrous when you think about it.   It is no surprise then that few actually succeed in making the change or changes required to create a desired life.  Local Author Gerardine Lear should solve this ongoing problem with a suitably titled book, Change Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary which has recently been published by Zeus Publications.

Gerardine surveyed one hundred people while writing her book and found this is the time of year when most of us assess our lives.   We think about the challenges and accomplishments of the year past and wonder about the New Year to come.    Gerardines book shows the reader how to set goals for a better and more rewarding life starting immediately, because later usually means never.

If we choose to dream of things we would like to do or achieve this alone will not encourage them to occur.   Gerardine believes dreams must be turned into goals that have realistic time frames so that specific objectives can be achieved.   She has proven that if you have sufficient talent to match your goals and determination, any desired life is possible.

Gerardine introduces readers to wall charts which allow goals to be easily achieved because they are visible when we wake up.   If there isn’t any specific reason to get out of bed staring us in the face boredom and monotony can easily set in and we can wonder why life seems so unfulfilling.

For those that imagine that money exclusively will change their life for the better, this can be a trap.   Much like all obsessions or addictive tendencies going after excess in one area of our lives at the expense of another will not produce and fulfilling and happy life.   The author believes we need goals for all areas of our lives for the entirety of our lives.  The visual impact of using wall charts has changed Gerardine’s life dramatically from ordinary to extraordinary.   Over the past ten years Gerardine has sailed around the world, created a very successful business and written this book while raising two young boys.

Although these achievements sound extremely different they were all obtained by using her unique wall chart method.   For those that think Gerardine may have had an easy or fortunate life before wall charts look at her website.

Gerardine’s website provides information on the life she had when she lived without goals or direction.    If you think someone or something will rescue you or you want to change your life from ordinary to extraordinary, Gerardine guarantees this book will provide all the ingredients necessary to achieve your goals.   To contact Gerardine go directly to her website

If you would like to purchase Gerardine’s book go to the publisher’s website www.zeuspublications. com and look in the self help area to order or visit selected bookstores.

Gerardine Lear’s book is titled Change Your Life from Ordinary to
Extraordinary and is available on the publisher’s website

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.