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Lifetime resident to
celebrate 94th birthday

by Cameron Outridge

Looking back on her life, Jean Madden believes she has the key to longevity.

“Put your faith in God above.  Ask him to take you through and he will, every mile of the way.  You’ll meet some hard days and you’ll meet some lovely people,” she said.  Mrs Madden turns 94 on August 30, and looks forward to celebrating with members of the community, young and old, at a picnic in the park.

Mrs Madden said everyone was welcome to join her birthday celebrations between 10am and 3pm on September 4th at Tesch Park, Maleny.

Mrs Madden was born on a farm in Maleny to Dairy Farmer parents in 1910 and has lived in Maleny ever since.  Mrs Madden and her husband Ray adopted two girls and raised them on the farm, but the women have since moved away.   Mrs Madden vividly remembers the way things were when she was a child.

“We paddled our horses over the creek to go to school and we raced along the flat land on the horses.  We had no uniforms ... we wouldn’t know what they were.  We were plainly and cleanly dressed,” she said.   Mrs Madden said she was fascinated by the changes since those days.

“When I go out now I am always staring at the traffic, the dogs, the babies and the fashions. We never took babies out I the cold night air. And that big shop with all those goods in it, it is almost unbelievable.” Mrs Madden has worked as the Treasurer of the Red Cross, as a nurse at the hospital during the war and has milked cows on the farm.

“We bought a car and (my family) never curtailed me driving it.  I used to get up at five, drive into town and work all day, until 10pm, and then go home and milk some cows. We had to extend ourselves when the war was on. We were working hard, we learnt a lot and it made us harder,” she said.
Mrs Madden said she had always loved living in Maleny.

“I still think it’s the most beautiful place in the world.  Some people say it has all gone crook now, with houses going up two-a-penny, but I still think it’s a lovely place. We have a lovely climate and wonderful people.”

Jean Madden with a photo from her wedding day.

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.