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Flaxton author helps inspire Olympic

by Elise Martin

Author and Flaxton resident Jeffrey Hodges worked with Olympic Gold medal winner Sara Carrigan, helping her prepare her mindset before her Olympic-Gold-Medal-winning race last week.

Mr Hodges is the author of three books and six audiotapes aimed at training the minds of athletes. Mr Hodges worked with 23-year-old Sara Carrigan in the lead up to her performance in Women’s Road Cycling last Monday. Mr Hodges said he was very pleased to see Sara, one of the first people to use his Gold Program, take out the medal. “I spoke to Sara on Tuesday and obviously she was stoked,” he said.

Mr Hodges began working with Sara in November last year, training her in the seven basic skills of the sports mind; including mental and emotional attributes and skills such as believing in yourself and handling pressure. Mr Hodges said the training he provided athletes with was different to that of a sports psychologist.

“The difference is that athletes go to a sports psychologist when they have a problem. I have taken an educated approach, addressing mental toughness,” he said.

“We work on taking the champion thoughts and feelings of elite sports people and using those thoughts and feelings as a mould for others.” Mr Hodges has worked with a number of elite athletes using various programs he has developed.

“I have worked with a lot of elite sports people. I work with Jonny Wilkinson’s coach.  One of my other clients, Chris Downs, was a runner up in the Australian Open for Golf,” he said. “I consider myself an elite athlete, I have a black belt in Aikido, a Japanese martial art,” he said. Mr Hodges has developed a range of programs since his beginnings in 1993, including training for coaches to understand the mental and emotional aspects of training for athletes.

He runs life-coaching programs for non-athletes in Brisbane and in Flaxton. Next week he will present some of the techniques he has taught his clients at a two-day conference at the Bardon Convention Centre.  For more information about Jeffrey Hodges and Sportsmind visit or phone 5445 7994.

Jeffrey Hodges worked with Sara Carrigan in the lead up
to her winning Athens performance in Women’s Road Cycling.

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