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Thieves steal trees
from Curramore home

by Elise Martin

Thieves stole 16 newly-planted Lillypilly trees from the front yard of a Curramore home on Saturday night, July 3. Residents Kevin and Jenny Santin planted about 60 trees the previous Thursday and Friday and hoped they would grow as a shield along the road, instead of a fence. The trees were ripped from the ground in the following hours.

Kevin Santin said he and his wife removed the remaining trees and re-potted them so the thieves could not return for them at a later date. The couple are building three holiday cabins, which will be suitable for people with special needs, on their property. Mr Santin said he was disappointed by the setback.

“We built something for not only able people, but for special needs people. We are trying to make something nice for them and no sooner do we do it than someone comes along and pinches it,” he said. Mr Santin said he aims to plant about 400 trees, but not before a fence is built to protect them. “We lost two week’s work. It’s time. It’s money,” Mr Santin said.

When the Santin’s replant, each tree will be marked with fluoro paint and will be wired into the ground.

Anyone with information about the theft is asked to contact the Police.

Kevin and Jenny Santin’s trees were dug up and stolen.
“We built something not only for able people, but for special needs people”.

Barung Landcare Nursery
loses tools in break-in

Tools and fertiliser were stolen from Barung Landcare in a recent break-and-enter in Maleny.  Thieves prised the lock off the door and stole a toolbox, secateurs, scales and fertiliser.

Assistant nursery manager Cali Salzmann said staff were still making a list of items missing.   The break-in occurred the night before 16 Lilly Pilly trees were stolen from a private residence in Curramore.   Ms Salzmann believes there may be a link between the two.

“It is odd.  It could be that someone is taking them down to the markets and selling them,” she said.   Ms Salzmann said Barung would really feel the effects of the theft.  “It hurts.   It’s a month’s sales down the drain.   We are a not for profit nursery, we are a revegetation nursery.   “Selling trees and membership keeps us alive. We have to sell an awful lot of plants to keep ourselves running.”

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
of the Range News Newspaper for this story.