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Wheelie Bin Saga rolls on to
court after eight months' silence

by Simon Roper

Earlier this year Caloundra City Council told Conondale’s Ron Green to prepare to defend himself in court for non-payment of waste management fees.   And now, after an eight-month wait the council’s legal machine has swung into action and is taking him to court.  On November 23rd at 9am a hearing is set at Maroochydore Magistrates Court in which Ron’s business, Conondale Timbers, will be sued for non-payment of what he believes is about of $800 in “unwarranted and unwanted services”.

Ron says that his family and his business is entirely self sufficient in waste management and doesn’t need the current wheelie-bin service which is amalgamated into his rates bill by CCC.   He argues that other similar people in the village had exemptions from these fees.  He pays all other areas of the rates bill on time and in full.   He also expressed concern that this part of the compulsory rates bill was not capped by legislation and that contractors could charge what they liked for waste management services.

“Your wheelie bin fee can go up,’’ he said.   “There is no cap on it.   $100 this year, $1000 next year.   There’s no limit to the amount of add ons and no cap to the amount that they can charge.   This is a ground breaking case on these issues locally.”  Mr Green said he would like to see services returned to a more a local footing.

“A dump was opened in Conondale about 20 years ago.   It worked well. It was local jobs.  The money stayed local.   It was under one sixth the price of the multi-national wheelie bins.”   Meanwhile Division 1 Councillor Dick Newman said last week that most people in the township were happy with the current waste management system after the local dump was closed in 1998.

Conondale Timbers doesn’t have legal representation at the hearing, which will see Mr Green battle local council’s legal representation alone.

Our thanks once again to Cameron & Tanya Outridge
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