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Maleny Community Centre
....It's our Hinterland Hub

Brian  Baillie

 Not many communities in Australia are lucky enough to own and run their own local hall, but Maleny does.

Thanks to our many volunteers, numerous community users and with Council monetary assistance, our community centre thrives as “our hinterland hub”.   For it is here that over the past nearly 100 years Malenyites, Range residents and visitors to our beautiful region have come to do what we do best – debate and dissuade, listen and sing, dance and shout, rejoice and commiserate, paint and potter, and perhaps above all when the chips are down, help each other out.

The community centre, connecting walkway and adjoining bicentennial park building is on land gifted to the community by Thomas Coar Dixon in 1908.   His generosity and those of his fellow people resulted in “the finest community hall between Brisbane and Gympie”.   With the present centre now showing its fifty years of constant use, now is the time to give it a substantial face lift.   This exercise needs sponsorships and donations from all those who own the community centre – you and I.   If there is one unifying icon in Maleny, it is our centre, and one of which we should and must be proud  There are plenty of other projects that may attract or dismay here on the Range, but the Maleny Community Centre (MCC) is perhaps the only one that we all own.    So we need your help to ensure that it continues to give all of us the facilities that we deserve and of which we can be truly proud.  

Rear View of re-developed Community Centre
(from Bi-Centenary Lane)

The MCC is run by a committee of dedicated volunteers from different sectors of the community whose range of professional expertise is unstintingly given.   However our committee and MCC members believed that to raise the sort of monies necessary to overhaul the centre, particularly with the amount of asbestos cladding that must be replaced, we had to engage a professional fundraising organization.  

Rear View of re-developed Community Centre
(from Bi-Centenary Lane)


This decision was not taken lightly, but having been taken we have moved ahead with our find raising exercise; funds raised exceed $400,000 towards a $1.5m target for which the MCC Committee have applied for entry to the Register of Cultural Organisations for charitable status.

Whilst funding has still a long way to go, we believe that this target is realistic.   The hard yakka of contacting community members to elicit their support is being driven by a taskforce chaired by Heather Spring, ably assisted by Gordon Jones and Winston Johnston as her Deputies.

A new image and logo with the tag “Our Hinterland Hub” reflecting our history, heritage, environment and location has been created with a website under active consideration.

To give our community a feel for what goes on currently in the Centre, there is an information centre admirably run by Bridget Sparks and her team of volunteers.

In the main hall during the year the Maleny Film Society runs 26 fortnightly screenings plus two film festivals; the Arts Council four events; Maleny Players two plays; Mother Earth four musical extravaganza; Maleny Arts and Crafts a twice yearly exhibition; Maleny Singers corralling  2-3 times; the great Handicrafts Market fifty times a year; Maleny Dance Club tripping the light fantastic as well as other concerts from local music groups, choirs and other performers from outside Maleny.

Additionally the CWA and Seniors hold monthly meetings whilst the local schools use the use the hall for concerts, performances and film nights.


SideView of re-developed Community Centre
(from Walkway beside public toilet)

SideView of re-developed Community Centre
(from Bi-Centenay Lane)


For our Community centre has the best performance stage and acoustics space in Maleny.

So please help us and your fellow Malenyites, young and not so young to make it betters and keep our hinterland hub the best cultural centre between Brisbane and Gympie.

We all deserve a great centre for our more than 400 local visual artists, performing groups and our great community.

(Visuals by Norman Richards, Architect, Maleny)

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