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Mercy Ships around the World

story as told by
Helen  Walker
Maleny Hospital

Helen is well known to the Maleny Community
as a nursing Sister at the Maleny Hospital.

Sometimes we may not appreciate what we have but Australia is one of the luckiest countries in the world and to live here gives us as individuals a lucky life.

Whilst we may complain about the conditions under which we live think for a minute what it would be like to live in a third world country and how our life may be different.

One of the greatest problems affecting people living in third world countries is the lack of available health care.   Health care infrastructure is either substandard or non-existent.

Many people in developing countries cannot get simple health care.    To help those developing countries an organization called “Mercy Ships” mobilises people with medical backgrounds world wide and equips a ship as a floating hospital to travel to those developing countries.  This organisation was established in 1978 and now has a fleet of ships travelling to various parts of the world.  Once in a port the ships crew begin their very important work.

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Highly skilled surgeons perform thousands of operations each year free of charge each year to correct disability, disfigurement and blindness.

The organisaqtion also establishes hospitals, medical centres, training facilities and basic housing where none previously existed.  Vaccination programs, basic medical treatment and dental treatment are provided free of charge.

Local community health workers receive training in hygiene, nutrition and disease prevention.

Later this year local Maleny Registered Nurse, Sr. Helen Walker will embark on one of the Mercy Ships as a volunteer to travel to South Africa.    Helen is well known as a Sister at the Maleny Hospital.   Volunteers not only work for nothing but also pay their own way whilst on board the ship.

Training in agriculture techniques ensures that agriculture projects help replenish livestock in war torn areas and boost food production.

The Mercy Ship program seeks to bring hope and healing to those less fortunate than we in Australia.

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