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Hugh Lunn's "Over the top with Jim"

topples them at Rosetta Bookshop, Maleny


On a warm night in 2003 Maleny turned back the clock 40 to 50 years when Stephen Lang of Rosetta Bookshop brought Brisbane's favourite 1950's son to Maleny.

Today in Maleny the "Queenslander" house reigns supreme, but in the 50's from Annerley to Zillmere it was home.



Photo Top

(The Lunn home at Annerley on the south
side of Brisbane  - That big country town.

Photo Left:  Hugh Lunn at Rosetta Bookshop.


Whilst Hugh was here to launch his latest book,
"On the Road to Anywhere" it was
"Over the Top with Jim" that stirs
memories of childhood. 

When you think of it his life might not have
been too different from others of that generation
but he did managed to capture not only his but our
memories of those innocent days long ago.

Even though publishers don't believe that we want
to read about our childhood lives Rosettas was packed
and there we were even some wet seats in the house.


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Hugh's new book is called "On the Road to Anywhere."

The book tells how he went about writing Over the Top, what his sister Gay did at the launch at the Boomerang Theatre in Annerley, and how all of the characters in the book turned up knocking on my door.

They were not always happy either.

Jim Egoroff arrived saying: "Open the door Lunn, you Bastard Boy, so I can punish you for your sins."   Brother Basher rang saying:  "I'm gonna come round and rock your roof."

It tells how Ian McNamara rang one night and said he wanted to serialize the book nationally on the ABC's Australia All Over; and how Hugh wanted to read the book on air, but failed the audition.   Macca told me later: "I took your tape, put it in a brown paper bag and threw it in the creek."

The original title for Over the Top was "A Child's War" because of the battles with State School Kids, impure thoughts and public exams.


Photo Above:

Hugh signs his book for one of those attending the evening.

Rosetta Books have the complete range of Hugh Lunns books on sale.  If you want a good laugh and havn't read "Over the Top with Jim" you don't know what you are missing.

Hugh was joined in his journey down memory land by the "now" Maleny group  "The Goodwills".  Laurel and Bob Wilson are regularly heard on the ABC Radio's "Australia all Over"   with Macca.

If you don't recognise the faces, Bob wrote a couple of songs that I am sure that you will recognise, "Underneath the Story Bridge" and "Courting the Net".

Both are humorous tales of everyday incidents.


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