Through some stories we may learn a little more about the history of our area.

If you have a story that we may be interested in please
email us with it so we can all enjoy learning a little more about our area.



Some of the people who make up
the fabric of our area...

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The Bryce Sister's legacy to
the Maleny Community

Isabella Wright (nee Bryce)




Mercy Ships around the world


Syd Kirby MBE - Antarctic Explorer

Greame  Cheal  to the  Rescue

Brian  Baillie

Jervis Sparks' book  "La Presa Linda"
(As featured in our weekly newsletter - Dec Jan 2007/08)

Life in a drilling camp in China

More Drillers Stories
Jervis Sparks

Lloyd & Shirl make it 50 years
George Duffy.
A miracle to survive
Mary Garden
A Maleny Resident's,
with Air New Zealand's Development

(Story   from " The Weekend Financial Review")
Life as Captain of a Lighthouse Tender.
as told by Lindsay Gillies
The Red Light of Palm Beach
by Jervis Sparks

William Landsborough's influence on
the Sunshine Coast by Thelma Birrell

Rosetta Book Shop brings Maleny
"Hugh Lunn's Over the top with Jim"


Maleny's connection with the
World Paramedic Championships

My run in with a tiger snake
by Simon Roper of the Range News
Some thoughts about ANZAC Days
History of Sunshine Coast - Timeline

Maleny Streetscape Project

Maleny Community Centre
(Re-development Plans)

Maleny SES Celebrates  20 Years

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A little bit of Travel
A Tassie Holiday to whet the
appetite for the real thing

Moreton  Island

Some facts about Landsborough
Baroon Pocket Dam
Take a trip to Biggenden
A weekend to Wondai & Kingaroy
  Living with Dust storms
in Western Queensland
Some local history and information

Burgum Family History Society

Burgum Family History Story 2

More Burgum Family History

Vale Mary Fleiter
"She had a heart of Gold"

Miss Roberts Remembers - 01

Miss Roberts Remembers
Life on a dairy farm

Miss Roberts Remembers
Bert Brooker's School Bus

Miss Roberts Remembers life
as a TV quizz show star

Peg Burnett remembers the
Maleny Library History
Harrold Brooker's Maleny
Some memories of the Maleny
Soldiers Memorial Hospital.
Maleny Universal Providers
turns 100

The following stories are about the Malone and Neilen Families.
These families are long time residents and part of Maleny's history.


An insight into the life of
Henry & Nellie Neilen
as told by Desley Malone

Bruce  Kirk Neilen 1937 - 1974
By Desley Malone

Ian William Neilen   (Toby) 1939 - 1999
By Desley Malone

Richard Leigh Neilen   (Dick) 1945 - 1997
By Desley Malone

We all have a story that will add to the diversity of our area.

To add your story click here & email it with any necessary pictures and we will do the rest.

Like the naked city there are a thousand stories
in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland