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Maleny Paramedic to compete in
World Road Accident Challenge for 2003

By Les Fawkes

(Peter Griffey is a Paramedic stationed at the Maleny Ambulance station and is a member of a team to compete in the World Rescue Road Accident Challenge in Ottawa, Canada in September 2003.   The ability to compete in this challenge increases Peter's skills and this leads to better services to accident victims that Peter is called upon to assist.)


Queensland Emergency Services performs many life saving roles in our community, including Road Accident Rescue.   In partnership with the Australian National Road Accident Rescue Association (ANRARA), we hold annual Road Accident Rescue (RAR) challenges in order to improve techniques, knowledge and innovation in road accident rescue.   Simulated real life and death scenarios test each team involved in these challenges.   Teams are judges on a variety of criteria including command and control, safely, general extrication, patient management and pre-hospital care skills.  

In Queensland each of the Fire and Rescue Service regions holds qualification heats to determining the winning regional team to compete in the state finals.    The winning team from the State Challenge then goes on to represent the QES in the National Challenge.

The National Challenge involves volunteer and professional teams from every state and territory in Australia. Ranges of rescue organizations are involved including SES, Mines Rescue and Fire Fighters.   The winning team from this challenge then qualifies to represent Australia at the World Challenge. In Queensland, Emergency Services work together to reduce injury and death caused by road accidents.  

Maleny Paramedic Peter Griffey has been actively involved in Road Accident Rescue since 1997.    Peter is part of a team that consists of five professional Firefighters from Toowoomba that is currently ranked number 1 in Australia.   This multidisciplinary team has been competing together since 1999 with wins in Regional Challenges in 2000, 2001 and 2002 and in State Challenges in 2001 and 2002 and finally a win at the National Challenge in 2002 at Sydney.   In 2001 at the National Challenge in Perth the team was placed third overall with the team leader David Woods being judged the best team leader in the country.   

In 2002 at the National Challenge the team was judged Best Technical team in Australia our Paramedic Peter Griffey won the award for Best Medic.   The win in Sydney qualifies the team to represent Australia in the World Challenge to be held in Ottawa in Canada from 30th of Sept to 5th October 2003.   The delay in attending the World Challenge is to allow the team to raise financial support.  

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The team does receive some monetary assistance from Queensland Emergency Services and ANRARA but the team wishes to undertake further education with internationally recognised training organizations that are not available in Australia.   The purpose of this training is to obtain new skills, which will benefit not only the community of Maleny and surrounding districts, but will be passed onto other agencies in Queensland and Australia.

Peter & other Paramedics training for the World titles.  The team is multi - service and promotes interservice co-operation.

These benefits will become apparent in the enhanced operational effectiveness of Road Accident Rescue in Queensland providing a high level of live saving expertise.   The the support of families and communities and by performing a lot more training the team hope to continue to represent Australia proudly as a leader in Road Accident Rescue.

Further news below on the R.A.R. Competition
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 Beerwah Paramedic joins RAR Crew

Almost three months ago Beerwah Paramedic Mark Lapthorn joined forces with Beerwah Auxiliary Firefighters as Team Medic to train and compete in Road Accident Rescue Competitions starting with Regional Titles in Bargara, Bundaberg in February, the team won the Regional Title and Mark received Best Medic.   This qualified the crew to compete in the State Comps held in Toowoomba in April where they won the State Title and are now anticipating a win at National Level in May held in Toowoomba with 26 teams competeing from all over Australia. Apart from the teams expectation Paramedic Mark Lapthorn will be vying for Best Medic Title.

The Beerwah Firefighters have been together for approximately three years and consist of Auxiliary Firefighters Luke Chapman (Team Leader), Scott Groer, Kevin Froggatt, Robert Sharp and Mike Jones (Reserve).    During the three days of competition the team will complete three scanerios, limited (without out the use of power tools like spreaders and within 20 minutes) unlimited (with the use of power tools in a 20 minute time frame) and Rapid (within a 10 minute time frame).


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