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Maleny Precinct & Barung

Published July 07

I'm astounded to hear that last week Barung Landcare asked for a meeting with council officers and councillors to be given permission to move onto the Community Precinct ...immediately.

Ok...the lease for Barung ran out on the Bicentenary lane parkland site in 2006.   And they have asked the council, state govt and the community for land for an alternatite on which they would not have to pay rent...(they have only paid a peppercorn $99 a year to council).

But Barung has opposed the precint proposal from the word go, and earlier this year refused to join Malpan, the group formed to represent groups, organisation in the Hinterland who wanted to be involved in the future of the precinct...despite the chairman of Barung Bob Hall being in support of Malpan.

But they democratically voted against the precinct concept and being involved in its planning and future.   The site was proposed to be Landcare..not just Barung..but open to other organisations involved in environmental and landcare aspects...including weed management, and creek maintenance..etc...organisations such as Brush Turkey Enterprises, Hollow Log Homes and arborists.

The original concept was never just to hand Barung Landcare a site of its own.... I am advised Cr Newman organised the meeting in council which was attended by Cr Tim Dwyer and Cr Greg Singh.   The precinct structural plan now has to be drawn...back to the community and council for consideration and approval.

Barung should be aware of this.   I can well imagine what Barung would say and do if any other organisation made the same demand.

Pauline Clayton

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