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No representation for small communities

Published July 07

The creation of our super council has been slap-dash, ill-thought out and it will take three to four years before it is running efficiently.


Former Caloundra City councillor, Pauline Clayton said a business plan should have been released with the amalgamation profiles.


“We are looking at a $356 million per annum business, and no-one knows who will be running it, where it will be based, and just who will be paying for the start-up costs,” Pauline Clayton said.


“What is a given is there’s no guarantee any area will be fairly represented.


“As every candidate will have to win just under 16,000 votes, it is virtually impossible for a resident of Cambroon or Kenilworth to be elected.


“Every candidate will have to campaign across the region.


“A modest campaign of this magnitude is $60,000.


“There goes representation from people who want to serve their community.


“It will be left to the wealthy, the well connected, and political parties.”


The former councillor said there were more questions than answers and vital economic details including who will pay the existing staff for the next three years had not been addressed.


“The amalgamation does clear the way for seamless planning and consistent building and local law standards but this will require hands-on experience and an intimate understanding of the special character of this diverse region.


“We need councilors with community experience at the helm, not a council run by political parties”.



Pauline Clayton

5493 6662.

0409 044112.

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