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"Government's Plan to Hook Anglers."

Published August 07

The Fishing Party responds to news headlines    “Government’s Plan To Hook Anglers”.

Robert Smith, the party chairman, said that anglers Australia wide should be furious that $200,000 of taxpayers money is being granted to RecFish Australia (which 99% of the fishing community doesn’t even know of or has any interaction with) to investigate another tax or levy to be imposed on their activity.

Minister Abetz has categorically stated that no tax will be implemented, “Good” Mr Smith said.

The Fishing Party has been screaming and campaigning to the Governments (and to RecFish) since 2001 about getting a better deal for the fishing community and that enough taxes have already been paid warranting some funds returned.   Unanswered letters have been sent on many occasions (attached sample letter) to fall on deaf or arrogant ears. 

The party plan was pretty simple and self explanatory.   With 25% of the fishing community dangling a line annually it generated over $3 billion to the nations economy providing over $300 million in GST windfall to be shared in the state and territories.

The Fishing Party plan was fairly simple for Government to allow a percentage of that GST to be returned over and above the normal budgets.   This would eliminate any need for licenses or levies and if it came out of the consolidated revenue all beneficiaries would contribute an amount in proportion to what amount of activity they indulged in or financial gain they achieved.

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