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Maleny Precinct
we're still procrastinating

Published June 07

My mate John tells me the Council is still procrastinating about building the Maleny golf course.

Have some pity on we folk who like to bash a little white ball around the paddock.    I appreciate that some people are too busy tending their veggie gardens, and good luck to them.    But I think that a golf course would be a great asset for Maleny.    In addition to providing an enjoyable recreational activity for many, it would also play an important role in strengthening the social fabric of the community.    From my involvement with the Maleny Tennis Club and the Maleny Bowls Club, I am very aware of the social support members provide for each other.    So please let's not get bogged down forever in process;  let's get a positive decision on this issue and get some action underway.

Philip Crowe.

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Editor:   With the amount of money that has already been spent on reports, committees, consultants etc we could have already have a facility in place for everyone's use and what's more, mostly paid for.   I suppose though that it is only ratrepayers money that is being spent.

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