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Tasmanian Old Growth Forests

Published May 07

From:- Mrs. Kim Bax, 77 Orion Road, Cedar Vale, Qld., 4285
Tel:- (07) 5543 1796 or 041 270 8451

Letter to the Editor

"This isn’t Australia, it’s a banana republic selling itself by the pound to the highest bidder.     Cathedral-like trees hundreds of years old are pimped and prostituted to Japan, a country that refuses to desecrate its own forests.

Mother Nature in Australia mate?    Nah, forget it.    Over here, she’s just a whore to be flogged.    See it for yourself, ancient Tasmanian forests stripped and destroyed for the fat cats, while our kids lose what’s their’s ( - and while your at it, read World famous Tassy author Richard Flanagan in the latest copy of “The Monthly.”

It’ll make you weep."

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