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Telstra CDMA  no more

Published May 07

Dear Editor,

In regards to Telstra's new Next G Network, concerning pre paid handsets, for customers who have been solely reliant on C.D.M.A.    Coverage, in Rural and Regional areas Australia wide, and will be solely reliant on Next G coverage (provided by Telstra only) when the C.D.M.A. Network is turned off early in 2008.

 For those who wish to continue to have a pre paid mobile Telstra in all it's unabashed greed is giving you one of 3 options,

 1: Move to a post paid plan, and lose the 1 cent text option, (very handy for the budget conscious, and as you all will agree a great idea for teenagers, NOT)  may as well give them a blank cheque !!!

2: Purchase a new pre paid handset at the low, low, low starting price of $249.00 PER HANDSET!   Between our two households this would cost us a very reasonable $1250.00.   Money well spent to replace what we already have and that isn't broken.  Just think, if it wasn't for Telstra we may have stupidly bought food or paid some bills with that same money.   Thank goodness for Telstra!!

3: GO WITHOUT!  Opinion, of the Telstra sales reps that visited Manilla N.S.W, on the 29/05/07, whilst promoting their new Next G network

To the best of our knowledge we can’t recall, Telstra consulting their C.D.M.A.    Reliant prepaid customers, on their willingness to purchase new prepaid handsets at their customers own cost, for compatibility with Telstra’s new Next G network

However we are certainly being told that we WILL purchase these handsets or we like thousands of others in our small pocket of Australia can plainly and simply go without.

Our small community is a mixture of young growing families, with children ranging in age from 0 to late teens and families whose children have flown the coop, too retirement age and beyond.   Almost every teenager here has a Telstra prepaid C.D.M.A phone (as we have no other coverage), so do many of the people that must drive (for work) the 45km to our nearest larger town.

Last but not least are our older community members, mostly pensioners on limited incomes (hence the prepaid option), who feel safer in their homes and out and about, with the knowledge that should there be a need, help is only a phone call away.

Please take a minute to think about how this will affect any family and friends that are Telstra reliant C.D.M.A. Pre paid customers, now think about your local area, and further out. Now times your estimate, by the minimum cost of $249.00 per handset.   No wonder Telstra makes Billions of dollars per year in profit.   This and next financial year, is heading towards a bumper crop!   If you listen closely, you can almost hear the shareholders grinning.

However in all their generosity this Multi Billion Dollar Company, MAY CONSIDER offering cheaper handsets towards the beginning of next year.   Just after Christmas, how thoughtful, of them.    We feel that free replacement is fair, for those with no other mobile network options.

If this issue is of concern to you, or someone you know please contact your Telstra Regional Head Office, (see below) and request an official complaint form.   As the only way to get Telstra to reconsider what we feel to be an unfair, and seemingly blatant money making scheme, is to put pressure on the 34 Area General Managers, across Australia, who in turn pass your written complaints onto the 5 Regional Executives, across Australia, who in turn then give it to the Telstra Country Wide Advisory Board.   Which according to the Telstra Country Wide Web Site (linked from Telstra Home Page) these 9 members, set up by Telstra, for Telstra are the sounding board for Rural and Regional areas of Australia, through them, we can all be heard.     Remember “THE SQUEAKY WHEEL GETS THE OIL “

All 34 Area General Managers can be contacted on 1800 687 829 Australia wide, as this number will connect you to your Area General Manager.

A complete list of Area General Managers and Regional Executives were found through the link for Telstra Country Wide located  on the Telstra home page under “Other Telstra Sites “.

Tracey Woodward   and    Kylie Chapman
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