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Can we fix our health system?
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 25 May 2005

There are not too many matters that affect us all as individuals as our health and how we will receive treatment in the case of serious illness or accident.

The Queensland Health Department is not alone in having problems with the delivery of a health service that we would all be happy with.  In the last 10 to 15 years there have been so many advances in the provision of medical services that every community is having difficulty in keeping up with those developments.

Not only are we having trouble keeping up with medical advances but with the spiralling costs of those services.

Queensland along with the other Australian states are having problems with waiting lists, bed closures, staff shortages and all of these problems can be overcome only with a vast injection of huge quantities of money.  Money which you and I have to find as governments can only spend money that they raise from you and me through various taxes.

I am not sure about you but I don?t really wish to pay more taxes if I really don't need to.  How else can we get more money into our hospitals without raising our taxes?

Maybe we have to have a real change in our thinking into how we receive those medical services.  Since the early 1990's Queensland Hospital Services have been governed by Regional Hospital Management Administrations.  This in itself has brought about great increases in the cost of administrations and a growth of bureaucracies.  Trained medical staff such as nurses have had greatly increased administrative tasks placed on them thus reducing the amount of valuable time available for what they were trained to do, provide medical services.

With the present inquiry being conducted on behalf of the State Government maybe this is a great time to give some thought to transferring all health responsibilities to the Federal Government.

Having all responsibilities for medical health being placed with the one level of government would allow for standardisation of services throughout Australia.  It should also allow for a reduction in the amount of administration that is necessary for the overall provision of services.

The administration could include the way in which local doctors work in conjunction with our hospitals through the medicare system.  By working with one level of government throughout Australia a system of administration and provision of health services could be streamlined.  This would also circumvent the argument between states and commonwealth government about the amount of financial support provided by both parties.

There is obviously going to be some objections from the various State Governments about the usurping of state powers and rights.  Do the states have a valid reason to bring up this line of objection, taking into account the declining state of our state medical services or would it be just a matter of ego on behalf of various politicians and high level bureaucrats.

After all those medical services are owned by us all and we all have a right to expect that our tax dollar is spent in the most efficient way to provide medical services.   Tax money wasted away with irrelevant administration and ?icing services? does not assist with waiting lists, hospital bed placements, replacement hips or treatment after serious accidents.

Think about it -  consider what is best for our medical health future.    Consider all the options not let political reasoning make the decisions but let common sense, practicability and what is best for Australias health be the only consideration.

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