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Is internet censorship the answer?
Written by Les Fawkes   
Sunday, 20 December 2009
Daily we hear about the evil of certain aspects of the internet and as a result the Federal Government expects to introduce legislation during the Autumn 2010 parliamentary sittings.

No doubt there are many things that have mushroomed on the world wide web that we would be better off if they were not there.

In spite of a very determined effort by a number of government agencies problems with internet sex sites continue without respite.

At first glance we may think that the answer to the problem is censorship of the internet, but think a little more about it before making a decision on the matter.

Before the internet censorship on sexually explicit books did not stop them being obtained by those who wanted them.

With censorship of the internet it may start out with sexually orientated web sites, but who could completely trust politicians to not abuse the laws to censor other matters.

Once the laws are in place and technically all avenues are available for censorship what will stop other sites of politically sensitive nature from being censored.   Which "backroom boys" will be making decisions on what web sites to censor and what power does the individual have to ensure that freedom of speech is truly maintained.

The removal of freedom of speech will eventually do more damage to our society than that of porn.   Will the government be required to provide a list of any web sites placed on the censored list so that individuals can see just what is being censored.

I, for one do not trust any government to have the power to censor any material that they do not want discussed.  

There are other methods, maybe somewhat more difficult to complete but just as successful as internet censorship.   People who really want to view those sites that are censored will eventually find illegal means to access them anyway.

Ironically, it is interesting to note that television classification is presently under review for relaxation for after 9.30p.m. viewing.    
The new digital channels that have been have launched with the onset of digital television will not be required to show ony G-rated programs in the hours before and after school on weekdays and in the mornings at weekends.

Just think about all the consequences before making a final decision on censorship.

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Last Updated ( Sunday, 20 December 2009 )
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