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Road Safety and you
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 10 March 2005

Road Safety is up to you........

Over the last couple of years I have watched a solitary white cross on the side of the Sunshine Coast motorway.     Each time I pass this spot I silently think of the anonymous life that expired at that desolate spot.

As I approached the cross last December it bore a gaily decorated balloon and a large hand written sign bearing the words, "Happy 21st Birthday Son."    This December it bore a similar looking sign with the words "Merry Christmas Son."

One life quickly passed at this spot at some time but for those left behind the passing of that precious life left a hole in the corner of their hearts.    A real burden that a loving family has to bear.

At this time of year with the Christmas holiday season almost upon us it is prudent to contemplate the dangers that lurk on our roads not only for the old but also the young.    Whilst the young may feel invincible - death does not discriminate - young or old  -  male or female.

When I pass that white cross in the future no longer will I wonder about the loss of life that took place at that spot but a loving family left behind.

What's the purpose of this message - to remind us that roads are dangerous places not only for the old but the young.    That a couple of seconds saved or that quick thrill that matters at the time can make up for the the pain of the tragic loss for those left behind.

With the holiday season upon us we generally will spend more time in our vehicles.    We drive long distances to get to holiday locations.    Fatigue at this time of year is an important cause of traffic accidents. 

With this in mind there are a number of community reviver stops in place where you can have a "cuppa", a bit of a walk around, a talk and a short rest.   This plays an important part in reducing the number of fatigue related accidents.

Likewise, alcohol at this time of year also causes more than its share of accidents.  Be careful how much you drink when you drive - better still arrange a ride home from those work christmas parties.

We continually see the advertisements on TV and in the newspaper that remind us what the causes of traffic fatalities are and I believe that we are all aware of those causes.

Why is it that we do not take heed?    When the unthinkable does take place why is it that we blame everything else - the poor road conditions - the weather - the police for not doing their job -the car makers for making cars that travel too fast - but we never blame ourself, the driver.

When a horriffic incident like Bali takes place we are all horrified and sickened but each holiday season we see the death of a large number of Australians in road accidents and it hardly even raises an eyebrow.  

Why is it so?

Let us this Christmas think for a moment about those who will not see another Christmas but before then let us pray for those loved ones left behind forced to continue their life without their loved ones.

Have a safe Christmas break and see you back next year.

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