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Visual Pollution at Montville
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 March 2006

One of our Montville Readers forwarded the following thoughts to us:

"Open letter to  the Grapevine local residents-

The Range road of the MOST  beautiful scenic drives in Australia.   This is  undisputed.

Living on the range, we never fail to appreciate its beauty  every time we leave home and return.

What an awful SHOCK  a few  weeks ago to drive out onto the road at the southern end of Montville and  find a huge Yellow Billboard smack bang on the bend of the road.     It certainly gets your visual attention BUT I'm afraid it  infuriates me beyond belief that the powers to be have allowed such an awful  eyesore to pollute the Range Tourist Drive.
Every other sign, and there are plenty, is  tasteful and discreet,   This one is huge and awful.   Its  been weeks now and I cannot get used to it's obtrusion.   Sorry I  also have lost respect for the advertiser and the Council that allowed its  gaudy facade.

Would like to know if anyone else has found it distasteful and a  blot on our scenic drive..."

ED:  The Sunshine Coast Hinterland tries hard to appeal to the tourist trade.   This sign is in an area where many tourists pull to the side of the road to get one of the best views from the Blackall Range area from one end of the coast almost to the other.    How the local authority, who collects a tourist levy from businesses to use to encourage a local tourist trade can allow this sign specifically in this area needs to be explained."

(Photo Above:  Sign which is allegedly visually polluting the roadside

just south of Montville Sportsground turnoff)

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