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What is wrong with some Aussie venacular
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 10 March 2005

What is wrong with a little
Colourful Aussie language?????

So Queensland Premier, Peter Beattie called Ms Libby Clark a "sheila" at the recent launch of a Fisheries Enforcement Boat and he was castigated in the media for so doing.

Politics aside, what is wrong with what he did.    He is not only an Australian but more importantly a Queenslander.  I  s the word "sheila" not a word in the Australian vernacular?  Is this not an Aussie saying. 

Where are we going when we cannot continue the Australian traditions.    Women have always been known in Australia as "sheilas" as have men been called "blokes".    I'd rather be a "bloke" than the American "guy".

Through the continuing use of American television series and American music we are loosing our traditional Aussie heritage and becoming more Americanised.

This is a danger to the Aussie lifestyle as we knew it 20 years ago - the lifestyle that produced our fabulously lucky life.   This Aussie lifestyle has been slowly depreciating over the last few years because of the Americanisation of our lifestyle.

I am not anti-American - no, not for one moment.   People from the United States of America have a very rich heritage and that heritage has done a lot towards the provision of their lifestyle.  There is nothing wrong with being Americanised as long as you are an American in America but we are Australians and live in Aussie.

We are not asking the Americans to change their culture and language but I believe that we should also keep our own individualism and self-reliance.   They are personal attributes that made our Aussies fore-fathers progressive and dependable.  These are the attributes that created the Aussie character.

Have we as Aussies got so thin skinned that we cannot accept our heritage and we do not want to continue on with some good old Aussie venacular.

Imagine how Henry Lawson and Banjo Patterson would have to change their writings if they were around today - would they be the same?    What would the Crocodile Hunter be without his "g'day crikey there is nothing as bonser as a good XXXX coldie at a barbie"

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English/Scottish/Bloody Aussie! Written by Guest on 2005-08-13 11:39:14

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