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Residents request visit by Premier over call-in
Written by Administrator   
Thursday, 22 December 2005
About 80 Montville residents met with Member for Nicklin Peter Wellington on Monday to voice their frustration regarding Premier Peter Beattie's decision to call-in Links Montville Country Club development.

The meeting heard that Montville residents felt disenfranchised from the debate by politicians and bureaucrats who were blinded by misinformation.    "You talk about this being a contentious issue,'' said one man.    "The only reason this is a contentious issue is because misguided, misleading and unrepresentative people gave you and gave the Premier the wrong impression and that's the only reason it's contentious."

Mr Wellington said the Premier would make a decision on the issue probably by February.    He said he would urge the premier to visit before making his decision.    The meeting said if the Premier did not visit Montville and listen to the residents he would be basing his decision on misleading information.    The meeting heard that a petition opposing the development, which was presented by Mr Wellington to Parliament, was not worth the paper it was written on as it was signed by only eight locals.

Links' Garth Greenaway said by contrast 900 Montville residents had signed to be part of the Montville Country Club.    The meeting heard many people were "conned" into signing based on "ridiculous" information such as that the development would include 25 acres of shops and a Coles New World.    They said most people who signed were tourists who knew nothing about the issue and who probably only signed to be polite.

Businessman Bryan McLennan said Montville risked losing all the benefits that Links offered in a consolidated development and instead may end up with a dog's breakfast of development in the future.    He said Links would provide a critical mass of population and lead to thriving industry, commerce and professional services in town.

"That last petition you tabled, 1960 signatures I believe, I got a copy of that petition from the Clerk of Parliament,'' he told Mr Wellington.    "I went through it and there were eight signatures from Montville.    Eight!    The petition starts 'we the petitioners of Queensland'.

And at least half the petitioners are from out of State. Why that petition was accepted I don't know."

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